How to use JewelApp:

Press the '+' button at upper right hand corner to add new showcase (you should have received the specific showcase download key from your seller) For viewing item details of already downloaded showcase, just press the corresponding line.
You could copy the download key received from your seller's email, then paste it into the input box.
After pasting (or enter by hand) the download key, press the OK button to confirm.
You may scroll up/down to view the items inside a showcase.
The header bar function buttons/icons, from left to right:
1) Back
2) Total items in the showcase
3) Total selected items
4) Select all items
5) Un-Select all items
6) Delete the whole showcase You may also select/un-select individual items using the check box for each item. When you press the small item photo, you'll open up the details page for that item.
To close this details page, press the list folder icon (just above the blue Price line). To view more detailed Bills of Material, use your finger to swipe the bottom part of the display.
Swipe up from the yellow box to view more details of the Bills of Material list.

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